Day 10: Harness?


Mom got me this new thing and I got to wear it to school today. It’s like a collar but it goes down my back too and around my chest. I think Mom called it a harness. Now, when we go to the pee spot I wear just my collar and when we’re walking I have my harness on. I’m not sure what the harness is for. I feel like I could pull really well in it but Natasha doesn’t want me to pull… I guess this is going to be another one of those things that I’ll understand in a little bit. There seems to be a lot of that with this school stuff.

Mellie Watching People


Day 9: The Pet Store!!!!!


Today was so exciting! We went to the place where Mom gets me stuff. I was really good when I got out of the car. I remember Natasha was afraid of getting lost so I stayed really close to her but then I realized that it was the fun place and there would be lots of people who would want to pet me! I was trying really hard to drag Natasha in there and trying to go see everyone but no one wanted to pet me….

We went down one of the aisles and there was just us so I stayed close to Natasha trying to be supportive and reassure her that we wouldn’t get lost here. We did some sitting and some walking. Then we went around the store a little more and I wanted to see people and sometimes I forgot myself but I tried really hard to be good.

When we went back to the school and when we went walking we actually went further than usual. There were so many new smells. I wanted to sniff everything but Natasha kept calling me away from them. And when I was walking right beside her she started with a new vocalization. She would say, “heel” and then click and give me a treat. Not sure what that’s about yet but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon.

Day 8: ‘Fraidy Human


I think I sort of understand what Natasha is trying to do now when we go outside. She’s afraid of getting lost so she wants me to stay right beside her. I don’t know why she thinks she’s going to get lost but it really seems like that the only logical answer. If I walk right beside her she’s all happy and gives me treats. (I didn’t feel like playing with the tug toy today I think the liver, cheese and beef was much yummier.) I swear, I thought Natasha was going to bust when I was walking right beside her she was so happy. When people came by though I still wanted to go and see them but I didn’t pull on her cause she doesn’t seem to walk very fast if I’m trying to help her along. I have to say she is a stubborn one. We even walked a little further but the Natasha kept vocalizing at me and stopping all the time. I don’t think she likes to explore very much. She kept making me come back beside her but she gave me treats for being right there. I really wanted to sniff around but she gave me more treats if I stayed beside her and we went further if I didn’t try to pull her there.


Mellie Watching People 2

Day 7: Humans are Strange


Natasha started acting funny today. She would vocalize and then stand there and stare at me. I wasn’t sure what she wanted so I started by sitting but the vocalization wasn’t the one she makes when I’ll get a reward for sitting. I wasn’t sure what to do so I tried laying down just to see. As soon as I laid down she clicked and we played with the tug toy. Then she made the same vocalization and stared at me so I tried sitting again and then laid down. When I laid down she clicked and pulled out the tug toy. I guess “down” means that I’m supposed to lay down.

Mellie Down


Next she told me to “sit” but instead of clicking right away like she normally does it took her three seconds. I figured she was just having a brain fart but then she asked me to sit again and again it took her three seconds to click. I don’t know what’s up with that, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Mellie Sit Stay

We went outside a couple of times and we played while some people walked by but I still would have preferred to go see if the people would pet me. It seems that the world is falling out of love with cute little dogs like me. It’s a good thing Natasha, Mom and my sister still like to play with me because the days would be long and boring if they didn’t play sometimes.

Day 6: What are those?!


The day started pretty normally. We went outside and played with the rope some more. We got to play a lot when I didn’t try to go see people that were walking by. I think she’s jealous of the other people and doesn’t want me to go see them because I might like them better than I like her. That’s just ridiculous but humans have these strange ideas. I mean, really why would I like them better? They don’t play with me, they don’t feed me and quite frankly they all pretend like I don’t exist which sucks.

Things were a little different in the afternoon. We got in Natasha’s car and went to this house. It was just more exciting than I could handle! I wanted to sniff everything and then this other car pulled in and this man got out and he smelled really different and tried to jump on him to say hi and get a better smell of all the smells on him but Natasha wouldn’t let me and he just acted like I wasn’t there. I really don’t know what’s going on with people. They use to squeal and make all sorts of noise when I would jump on them. Now, it’s like they don’t want to play with me anymore. We went through this big wooden door and then they went through a door full of holes but they left me on the outside. There were these HUGE creatures on the other side of the holey door. I stood there and watched for a bit but then I wanted to play with the huge creatures so I made some whiney noises and some squeaky noises and I play bowed but no one wanted to play. Then I started barking really loud and deep. Natasha looked at me and said, “enough” but I have no idea what that means. I kept barking and she walked over and closed a solid wood door. I sat staring at the door. I guess “enough” meant she was going to close the door. I wonder if it’s because I was barking….

When the man finished with the giant creatures they came out and Natasha put my leash back on. I tried to go see the man and jump again but he just kept ignoring me so I walked nicely beside Natasha and then something got my attention but then Natasha called me back and I walked all the way back to the big wood door with her. After that Mom came to get me. It was an interesting day. I wonder if we’ll do it again.

Day 5: Humans are boring. Right? Nope


When I went to school today I was soo excited! I didn’t care what Natasha was doing there was so much to look at and sniff! There were kids everywhere and parents! It was great! We don’t normally go that way to get to the store but I thought it was great. I’m not so sure Natasha liked it though. We kept stopping and going which was kind of annoying for me, especially since I needed to pee but Natasha would let me stop to sniff, she only stopped when I was pulling ahead of her. We finally got to the pee spot and Natasha said, “Peepee” and let me tell you, she didn’t have to say it twice. Once I went potty I was ready to play.

I still think that playing with people is the greatest thing ever but Natasha keeps trying to keep me all to herself. At one point though, there was a man walking by and I kept playing with Natasha instead of trying to so see him and she got really excited and we played the whole time he was walking by and for about 3 minutes after he went by. It was more fun than trying to see him since it looked like he was going to ignore me too. Maybe people are really that much fun. Who am I kidding? People are awesome!

Day 4: Training the Humans


Mellie Bus

Every morning my sister gets in this big yellow thing and Mom says that she’s going to “school” and then she comes home at the end of the day. I wonder if this place mom keeps brining me to is “school”. I think it is but my sister says that school doesn’t have a lot of play time and I spend a lot of the day playing with Natasha.

Today we went outside a lot more. I found another way to get Natasha to play with me. If she says “peepee” and I go pee she gets all excited and clicks so then we play with the tug rope for a little bit. I don’t know why but she always wants to play with the rope when there are people coming. I want to play too but I would really rather go see the people. Everyone is still ignoring me but I’m sure if I keep trying to make friends one of them will want to be my friend and play with me. We also play with the tug if I walk right beside her for 3 or 4 steps. That can be really hard though because there are so many things I want to smell and check out.

When we weren’t outside she would ask me to sit and when I did we would play with the rope some more. I love that rope so much! I got tired at one point and went to lay in a nice patch of sun. As soon as I was laying down I would hear that click and Natasha would toss a piece of food my way. I thought that was really nice of her to give me a snack. I had to get up to go get it though because it bounced away from me. I went to lay down again and as soon as I was down she clicked again and sent me another treat. We did this for a little bit and then I decided to go lay under the desk. Again she clicked and she gave me a piece of food. Then she would click again and toss it so that I had to get up to go get it. We did that a little bit more and then finally I laid down, she clicked, gave me a treat and then she let me take a nap.

When Mom came to get me, they were talking and not paying any attention to me so I tried sitting and Natasha was watching but she just kept looking at me so I decided to try laying down to see what would happen. As soon as I laid down she clicked and gave me at treat! I liked that so I decided to get up and lay down again. She gave me another treat! I tell you, I’m going to have this lady trained in no time. The best part is she showed mom how I taught her to play tug and give me treats when I do stuff like walk beside her and lay down. This is totally awesome I will have them doing everything I want in no time!