Day 21: Hands



Mellie SittingI nearly got to play with some friends today but then they didn’t want to play with me. Natasha says I got too excited but who wouldn’t be excited to play with friends? I when to see one of the boys and just jumped on him and he turned and told me to leave him alone. The other boy put his bum up in the air and bounced in front of me so I ran up to him and jumped on him pretending to bite his neck and jumping all over him but then he started getting mad too. I kept playing like nothing was wrong but he didn’t look like he was having fun and Natasha made me stop. I just wanted to be friends with them. I don’t know… 

Later we did more of the silent exercises where Natasha makes a movement with her hand and waits for me to do something. I know sit really well, that one is easy she does this motion that looks she flips her hand from palm down to palm up. I have trouble remembering that the one where she puts her arm straight up in the air is down. And we worked on the one where I have to touch the palm of her hand. She started putting her hand further and further away though. It got to the point where I had to stand up from my sit or down to be able to touch it. I never had to walk though, just stand up. I love coming to school, there’s always something going on.



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