Day 22: Better Pay Attention


Mellie Sad

I got in trouble today… I like to look out the window and Natasha was asking me to do things using those hand signals again but I was too busy looking out the window behind her to notice what she was asking me. She would call my name and I would look at her for half a second and then go back to looking out the window without doing anything. I guess that wasn’t a good thing to do because after a bit when I wasn’t listening Natasha walked into my personal space so I had to jump backwards to keep her from stepping on me. Then she asked me to sit and I did which made her click. Then we did some sit stays, and some downs then I started staring out the window again and again Natasha walked into my personal space making me jump back. I started to pay more attention to her after she did that a couple times because it seems that if I don’t pay attention to what she’s doing, she’s going to step on me.

Once I was paying attention we worked on the one where I touch her hand but today she was putting her hand far away so that I had to stand up to touch it but that must be what she wants because she clicked when I did it. I also got jackpots when I laid down quickly if she put her arm up. So, I’m pretty sure that she wants me to lay down when she puts her arm up in the air. I might do some more testing of that one to be sure but we’ll see. Sometimes, when I sit she waits 12 whole seconds before she clicks. I’m sure I’m doing the right thing because if I move then she doesn’t click and she asks me to sit again. I think I’m really understanding how this works. When I do something good she clicks and gives me a treat.



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