Day 35: Self Control


Wow! The last few days have been crazy!! One day there were 6 dogs in here with me! OMG I just wanted to say hi to everyone but one of the dogs was the one that comes every week and he’s not nice. The other dog is the big one that always comes with him. I’ve never met him but he seems nice. Then there were two dogs in an ex pen beside me ( At least I think it was two dogs or I was seeing double cause they looked exactly the same and smelled almost exactly the same……). Then, while Natasha was working with the mean dog and the twins another dog came in! He sat by the window and his owner threw treats at the mean dog. I was really good during all of this. I laid quietly in my crate and I would get treats every now and again. When all the dogs except me and the twins left Natasha let them out of the ex pen and put me on my leash. The one dog walked away and didn’t want to talk to me at all. The other dog was bouncing in front of me and acting like he wanted to play but when I got close to him he didn’t want to play anymore. I don’t understand why, I jumped at him and tried to jump on him as soon as I got close before he could say anything, then he got mad. Natasha had them practice their sits and their downs and then she did it with me too. She clicked when I stayed sitting or lying down when the other two moved. Eventually we were all just lying there but it’s not what I wanted to do.

Mellie and the Boys

Another day she brought this little dog in a crate to the store. He was soooo loud! He kept whining and barking because he was in the crate. I don’t know what his problem is. I kept trying to go see him but Natasha would call me away and say that I couldn’t give him any attention for making all that noise. He sounded like a really fun toy though. But when she called me I would come to her and she would give me cheese balls! I really really like cheese balls. I only get those when I do something really good. It was hard to stay away from him but I did it!


Day 29: Pay Attention!


The last few days have been pretty routine but we’ve been working on something new during our walks. When we go out on the harness, Natasha takes a step and if I keep looking at her while she does it she clicks and gives me a treat. If I don’t then she says my name and when I look up she takes a step forward and clicks if I watch her the whole time. It’s actually really hard because there are so many things to look at. A couple of times people came and wanted to talk to Natasha but even while she was talking to them she wanted me to keep looking at her and would click if I stayed focussed on her. Once I was ignoring her, even when she called my name, for that she acted like she was going to step on me by doing a tight circle to the left until I was looking up at her. I guess it means that I’m supposed to pay attention to what she’s doing all the time. A lot of the time I don’t really care what she’s doing I just want to look around but I guess it’s hard to do the right thing if I have no idea what’s going on.

Day 26: Not supposed to visit


We did lots of stuff today! These people came in early this morning and they talked with Natasha for a long time and I just laid under the desk because I couldn’t reach the people but Natasha tossed me treats when I was being quiet. Then Natasha let me loose and called me to her. I came right away and got a jackpot but then I got distracted by the man and went to see him. He didn’t pet me or talk to me but he smelled interesting so I kept sniffing and sniffing his clothing even though I could hear Natasha trying to get my attention I ignored her. I don’t think she liked that very much though because she came to get me with my collar and I didn’t get any treats for that. After they left we went outside to pee and there was another dog that I really wanted to go see but I tried really hard to stay beside Natasha where I’m supposed to be. It wasn’t easy and I made some mistakes but I think I did alright and Natasha seemed satisfied with me. Later on our walk we stopped to talk to more people. I sat beside Natasha but when I really have no idea what happened because I wasn’t paying any attention. It’s so boring when the humans stop to vocalize. Then I saw a dog coming towards us and I completely forgot that we were standing and I tried to hurry off to see them but that didn’t go so well. Natasha stood her ground and I stopped dead when I got to the end of the leash. I really need to remember that I’m not supposed to go see other dogs when I’m on my harness. It’s soooo hard not to go see everyone. I just love to play and say hi to people and have them rub my belly. I think I’m getting better though, I just had a little brain fart.

Day 25: Everyone wants to play….


So, most weeks there is a dog that comes. When he’s here I have to stay in my crate but the last time I got to come out on my leash. I didn’t get to play with him though. We just sat across the room from him and Natasha asked me to sit, lay down, stay etc. Again, this week I came out on my leash but we walked towards him and right passed even though I tried very hard to go and see him. He barked at me when I got close but I was sure it was because he wanted to play too. He was getting lots of treats for being quiet and I was getting some when I was walking nicely beside Natasha. I tried one more time to go and see him but he barked really meanly at me a couple of times before he looked back at his owner and I decided that he really didn’t want to play with me. I stayed really close to Natasha and looked up at her a lot after that. She gave me lots of treats for it and I know she wouldn’t let anything happen to me so I was ok with walking with her but I did decide that I wasn’t going to walk too close to him again so, I would get between the wall and Natasha when we went passed him even though normally I would be on Natasha’s left. I was so tired after we did all of that. I was really concentrating on Natasha and what she was doing so that I wouldn’t get left behind or end up too close to the other dog. Natasha was talking with the other lady and she was saying something about this being really good for me because I need to learn to ignore other dogs and that not all dogs want to play with me. I don’t know what she’s talking about because I’m pretty sure everyone wants to play with me. Well, except this guy but I maintain that he’s just a little strange and with a little time he’d want to play with me too.

Day 23: Good walks?


Mellie Playing

I think Natasha was really happy today. We went to that place called the post office. We went with just my collar this time. Something about having to stay alone for a bit and not wanting me to miss behave on it. Me? Misbehave? Never! I have no idea what she’s talking about but we went for a walk and that’s all I care about. I didn’t pull at all the whole way there and sometimes I would look at Natasha and that seemed to make her happy because she would click and give me something every time I looked at her. When we got to the post office she tied me to a post and went inside. I tried to follow her but I couldn’t. Then someone walked passed me and I said hi but I didn’t jump up on them. In no time Natasha came back out and we headed back to the office. On the way back I decided I should walk right beside her with my shoulder beside her leg and look up at her. I did it for 6 steps and Natasha started jackpotting me and making all sorts of happy noises. I’m guessing that means she liked that a lot.

At the office Natasha wrapped my leash around the desk so that I couldn’t walk around like I wanted to. I like staring out the window…… She did give me treats if I didn’t get up when she got up. I really couldn’t do that when people came in though. I wanted to go say hi. Very body wants Boxer love! I don’t know why she thinks people don’t want my love.