Day 23: Good walks?


Mellie Playing

I think Natasha was really happy today. We went to that place called the post office. We went with just my collar this time. Something about having to stay alone for a bit and not wanting me to miss behave on it. Me? Misbehave? Never! I have no idea what she’s talking about but we went for a walk and that’s all I care about. I didn’t pull at all the whole way there and sometimes I would look at Natasha and that seemed to make her happy because she would click and give me something every time I looked at her. When we got to the post office she tied me to a post and went inside. I tried to follow her but I couldn’t. Then someone walked passed me and I said hi but I didn’t jump up on them. In no time Natasha came back out and we headed back to the office. On the way back I decided I should walk right beside her with my shoulder beside her leg and look up at her. I did it for 6 steps and Natasha started jackpotting me and making all sorts of happy noises. I’m guessing that means she liked that a lot.

At the office Natasha wrapped my leash around the desk so that I couldn’t walk around like I wanted to. I like staring out the window…… She did give me treats if I didn’t get up when she got up. I really couldn’t do that when people came in though. I wanted to go say hi. Very body wants Boxer love! I don’t know why she thinks people don’t want my love.


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