Day 25: Everyone wants to play….


So, most weeks there is a dog that comes. When he’s here I have to stay in my crate but the last time I got to come out on my leash. I didn’t get to play with him though. We just sat across the room from him and Natasha asked me to sit, lay down, stay etc. Again, this week I came out on my leash but we walked towards him and right passed even though I tried very hard to go and see him. He barked at me when I got close but I was sure it was because he wanted to play too. He was getting lots of treats for being quiet and I was getting some when I was walking nicely beside Natasha. I tried one more time to go and see him but he barked really meanly at me a couple of times before he looked back at his owner and I decided that he really didn’t want to play with me. I stayed really close to Natasha and looked up at her a lot after that. She gave me lots of treats for it and I know she wouldn’t let anything happen to me so I was ok with walking with her but I did decide that I wasn’t going to walk too close to him again so, I would get between the wall and Natasha when we went passed him even though normally I would be on Natasha’s left. I was so tired after we did all of that. I was really concentrating on Natasha and what she was doing so that I wouldn’t get left behind or end up too close to the other dog. Natasha was talking with the other lady and she was saying something about this being really good for me because I need to learn to ignore other dogs and that not all dogs want to play with me. I don’t know what she’s talking about because I’m pretty sure everyone wants to play with me. Well, except this guy but I maintain that he’s just a little strange and with a little time he’d want to play with me too.


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