Day 26: Not supposed to visit


We did lots of stuff today! These people came in early this morning and they talked with Natasha for a long time and I just laid under the desk because I couldn’t reach the people but Natasha tossed me treats when I was being quiet. Then Natasha let me loose and called me to her. I came right away and got a jackpot but then I got distracted by the man and went to see him. He didn’t pet me or talk to me but he smelled interesting so I kept sniffing and sniffing his clothing even though I could hear Natasha trying to get my attention I ignored her. I don’t think she liked that very much though because she came to get me with my collar and I didn’t get any treats for that. After they left we went outside to pee and there was another dog that I really wanted to go see but I tried really hard to stay beside Natasha where I’m supposed to be. It wasn’t easy and I made some mistakes but I think I did alright and Natasha seemed satisfied with me. Later on our walk we stopped to talk to more people. I sat beside Natasha but when I really have no idea what happened because I wasn’t paying any attention. It’s so boring when the humans stop to vocalize. Then I saw a dog coming towards us and I completely forgot that we were standing and I tried to hurry off to see them but that didn’t go so well. Natasha stood her ground and I stopped dead when I got to the end of the leash. I really need to remember that I’m not supposed to go see other dogs when I’m on my harness. It’s soooo hard not to go see everyone. I just love to play and say hi to people and have them rub my belly. I think I’m getting better though, I just had a little brain fart.


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